Band timings for LW presents 4th of Oct!


Thursday is only a few days away and we’ve got the stage times for you for our night of dream pop! What are the chances of falling in love in front of the stage… that handsome cardie clad guy swaying along to HUSH! thinking they are the next big thing and that you are probably the most beautiful thing… well, buy your advance tickets for £5 or bring £6 on Thursday and enough cash for a couple of pints and life makes 100% sense!

Here are the timings!

Doors (to the basement, you can come hang out for a late… lunch before that): 8pm!

Franz Kirmann - 8.15-8.45pm!
H U S H ! - 9-9.30pm!
Victoria & Jacob - 9.45 onwards and they’ll melt your heart!

DJs upstairs and downstairs: Bronze Medallists, Librarians Wanted and the ‘new addition’, David Preshaah from Hoxton Radio!

If you like The Knife, Au Revoir Simone and Pains of Being Pure at Heart - this is not to be missed! Be the one who was there to see these electro shoegazey dreamy wunderpopkids take to the stage at Power Lunches 04.10! Oh. Yeah.


PS. It’s looking to get very busy, so get your tickets here to avoid going home sulking!
PS2. If you want to check if the hot cardie guy is attending, have a look at the FB event. See, we told you he’d be there… swoon!

Librarians Wanted presents: Victoria & Jacob, HUSH! and Franz Kirmann at Power Lunches, 04.10.


Victoria & Jacob

Franz Kirmann
With DJs: Librarians Wanted/Bronze Medallists

Indie Pop, Chill Wave, Dream Pop

Librarians Wanted Presents a fantastic night of alternative indie and
electro music, straight in the heart of Hackney, in the beautifully
atmospheric Power Lunches venue.  Each act offers something unique;
detailed electronica to upbeat Indie Pop. Guaranteed to be a
mesmerising and intimate event. DJ’s included, only £5 entry.

Victoria & Jacob are a London based duo that produce and write
warm, ambient dream pop that sits somewhere between The xx and Lykke
Li. Their lo-fi and ethereal sound incorporates indie-pop song
structures drenched in hazy synths and woven with sweet vocal cuts.
They have supported Com Truise, Mystery Jets, Active Child, Jeremy
Warmsley (Summer Camp), History of Apple Pie plus many more.

Fresh out of the studio with Clock Opera, HUSH! release their debut
single –‘Teenage Weekends’ this month. This is Indie Pop not far from
the likes of Phoenix, offering an eclectic mix of everything good
about the 80’s with a modern touch.

Producer Franz Kirmann is described by influential record label Lo
Recordings (Grimes, Four Tet) as “a fascinating blend of electronic
and organic tones that combine to create something undeniably special.
Immersive, expansive and haunting, it manages to be otherworldly and
familiar at the same time.”

Guiding you in from start to finish will be Indie Pop curators
Librarians Wanted. Travelling anywhere from ambient chill-wave to
Future Garage to Electro-Pop to  emotional encores, they’re ably
assisted by Bronze Medallists DJ’s with a mix of Twisted Anthemic
Dream Pop!


Date: Thursday October 4th
Name: Librarians Wanted presents : Victoria & Jacob
Line-up: Victoria & Jacob, HUSH!, Franz Kirmann, Librarians Wanted,
Bronze Medallists
Venue: Power Lunches
Address: 446 Kingsland Road Hackney, E8 4AE
By Bus: 67, 149, 236, 242, 243, 394 Overground: Haggerston
Times: 19:00-00:00
Price: £5 in advance - tickets here!
Facebook event here!

LW presents: Ghosts You Echo, One Man Destruction Show and Tender Objects *FREE* The Victoria E3, Sat 26th of May.


Hello everyone! We’re excited to be hosting three great bands this May! We’re at The Victoria, in-between Mile End station and Victoria park. Our last night there had a great atmosphere and was loads of fun, so we’re back again! It’s a charming pub and does great American Diner style food. So why not head straight there after work to get yourself a good seat and a burger before the bands start!

This time, we’re very excited to be able to present the following three brilliant acts for the night.

Ghosts You Echo are a London based 3 piece, that utilise an ensemble of sounds ranging from keyboard to violin.

'Taught, dark, percussive songs filtered through this one woman band’s unique musical vision. Her DIY approach, using vintage drum machines and battered guitars, is generating a lot of airplay. And with her stellar set at last year’s Emerging Proms Festival, the future is looking bright for Ghosts You Echo'

One Man Destruction Show is Adam Harmer, a rock and roll playing one man band. He’s got all the percussion an act could ever need. 

'Within seconds of him starting, the curious crowd are grinning in disbelief at one man making such a wonderful racket'

Tender Objects are an Anglo-Swedish indiepop band, with jangling 12-string electric guitars and male-female vocals, whose debut release is a split CD EP on Dufflecoat Records.

'Tender Objects are the next big thing!'
Anorakcitypop podcast

FB event:
Last FM event:

Timings to follow shortly!

Rupert, David and Silja LWxx

LW presents: Just Handshakes (We’re British), Alto45, Hoshal Patrick, 13 April *FREE*


Yay! We’re very excited to announce the second Librarians Wanted gig this year! This time we’re at a lovely east end boozer called The Victoria, located in-between Mile End station and Victoria park. This pub effuses charm and does great American Diner style food. So why not head straight there after work to get yourself a good seat and a burger before the bands start!

Speaking of the bands, we’re so excited to be able to present the following three brilliant acts for the night.

Just Handshakes (We’re British) are a four-piece from Leeds, formed on a dingy industrial estate and bonded over their shared love of gin and Swedish pop. 

"Their dynamic blend of bright vocals, jangly guitars and casio adoration, could add colour to the gloomiest of lyrics." Drowned In Sound

Alto45 are a lab-coat wearing diy-fi pop trio from Norwich. They’ve recently released their second album. They sing songs about the sea, the moon and robots planning world domination.

"Casio-esque interstellar synth-fi to slow, lulling indie-scapes" Drowned In Sound

Hoshal Patrick is a London-based musical duo consisting of Alex & James. They make eccentric pop music involving giants out at sea, birds flying through space, nonsensical rhyme in 7/8, references to Rosemary’s Baby and the occasional soul-singing robot.

"A bit like MGMT mixed with a dollop of Adam and Joe"

Somehow I think Alto45 and Hoshal Patrick will get on!

And did we mention it’s free….?

Rupert, David and Silja LW xx

The Blanche Hudson Weekend, Horowitz and The Fireworks + DJs Spiral Scratch, Friday 30 March.


Pretty girls, pretty boys have you ever heard your mummy scream, noise annoys!!!

We sure have - Big Pink Cake and Librarians Wanted are very very excited about presenting a noisy noisy noisy time with THE BLANCHE HUDSON WEEKEND - rising from the ashes of The Manhattan Love Suicides, charming us with their sonic sound scapes and hypnotic pop… gorgeousness, immediacy and noise straight to the heart. 

HOROWITZ - Fuzz, fuzz and more fuzz brilliance from tools you can trust, honest to goodness stuff, our indie pop hard core heroes! 

THE FIREWORKS - Snap, crackle… P!O!P!, noise, noise and then ooh its gone all quiet… then ouch… me earholes… eeeeee!!!

PLUS PLUS PLUS those amazing we can’t wait to go berserk on the dancefloor SPIRAL SCRATCH DJs… YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!! indie pop sugary sweetness. Free cakes provided…sugar rush indie POP party people… losing IT!!!! £5 on door or wegottickets!

Librarians Wanted’s 1st birthday, Sat 10 Dec: Wake the President/Evans the Death/T.O.Y.S + very special birthday guests!

Our LW baby turns 1, and we want to celebrate with you on Saturday 10th of December! *And Wake the President’s Erik and Bjorn are turning 26, so it’s a joint celebration (= more cake!)image

In the last year we’ve had some incredible times fistpumping the night away to our favourite bands, making waffles for Jens, camping and seeing our friend James climb a very long pole at Indietracks, going to Sweden to go nightswimming, DJ and do a spot of bartending, learning how to tweet and blog and bake, we’ve taken great pleasure in playing the Cribs amongst twee songs, we’ve had a few too many Jaegers, danced until the morning light many a night- and met such wonderful new friends.. 

So we want to invite you all (and new friends) to our birthday party! 

There will be birthday cake, there will be party hats, and there will be not only three, but many more, of our favourite bands!

Our very first Librarians Wanted was early last December. It was meant to be a one-off, a project in doing something we didn’t have a clue about how to do (organising gigs and DJing). But on an eve the Victoria Line was down and London was disrupted due to snow, a lovely crowd turned up and the bands were fantastic. It was such a heartwarming feeling. We just had to continue doing things we don’t know how to do for a bit longer…

EVANS THE DEATH headlined that first gig, and we’ll never ever forget them playing I’m So Unclean. They totally kicked *ss, nothing less, the coolest kids in London town - but also the nicest ones. And we are so happy to host them again, a year after - all grown-up - signed by Fortuna POP! and being well on their way to indiepop stardom! It will be very special to see them play again at our birthday.

T.O.Y.S played Librarians Wanted last summer, and their music has since been played in every LW DJ set. (Especially at Cosy Den in Stockholm the audience kept asking for more of their song ‘Doll’, when they were not asking for Shoreline, of course) Something in the vein of Joy Division - or New Order (only at NO’s best though!). T.O.Y.S are stars in our universe!

This is a LW first for WAKE THE PRESIDENT - they are a band we’ve been dreaming of putting on for quite a while now -they are pure awesomeness. They are coming down from Scotland to play, so let’s hope there are no trains stuck in the snow! NME says “each track glimmers with all the existential angst of an art student with a nasty hangover” - sounds perfect, right? We will be beaming and dancing around to this for sure! And apparently they hold their guitars very high, can anyone confirm this? We have yet to see them live! (a birthday wish come true)

+ DJs: LISA BOUVIER (Awesome Swedish songstress) + AJ MILLER (that tall sunglasses-wearing one outta T.O.Y.S) + us librarians if we haven’t overdosed on cake.

+ VERY SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GUESTS who will kickstart the party with a (not so) open-mic set!

A Fine Day for Christmas
Erin K & Tash
King of Cats
Lisa Bouvier
Owl + Mouse
The Fireworks
The Understudies
Tiny Birds

+ there are a couple of more bands TBA!

These are all among our favourite musicians/people, and will be playing us a couple of songs each! Get ready for some swift on/off stage moves!

Tickets: £6 advance. £7 door/£6 with a valid library card. FREE after 11pm.
Venue: Zigfrid von Underbelly, 11 Hoxton Square, London N1 6NU. 19.30-03.00.
FB event here.

/// free birthday cake and party hats ///

Roo, Silja and David LW (b’day library kids) xx

PS. Who wants to play pass the parcel with us…? 0_=

LW & Cosy Den presents The Proctors/Friday Bridge/Paddington Distortion Combo/de Montevert/Amanda Mair Friday 11 Nov


Librarians Wanted are collaborating with our viking friends at Cosy Den to put together a fab Anglo-Swedish line-up here in London.

We had a great time DJing at 
Cosy Den in Stockholm in August, and we loved the bands Mattias Jansson picked for his festival. Our guests from abroad really are the top of the crop - and they are joined by a legendary UK band too - The Proctors!

The Swedes are: de Montevert, Friday Bridge, Paddington DC and Amanda Mair!

THE PROCTORS… when you hear their music it’s easy to think of our favourite The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. But it rather feels like Pains and other ‘new’ bands have found inspiration in the Proctors, not the other way around. When you go to a Proctors gig you drift away into swaying melancholia, and smiling - at the same time! This legendary band was formed in 1993, and after a break from the late 90s until quite recently we hope they’ll keep on playing forever!

DE MONTEVERT is getting a lot of radio time in Sweden at the moment for her single ‘Skyll på mig’, and she’s got a new single out 17 Oct. Ellinor Nilsson’s tunes are so catchy we’re singing them in the shower from first listen. And for those of you who, Swedish or not, tend to shout ‘Spela Shoreline!’ at indiepop discos, she may just play her lovely Broder Daniel cover!

FRIDAY BRIDGE is modern electronic pop mixed with pop music of the ’80s – sometimes with references to classical music. The duo describe themselves as: “Pop music de luxe: hummable tunes, danceable beats, quotable lyrics” and we very much agree! Someone said they had a touch of ABBA and something royal about them too. Exciting!

PADDINGTON DISTORTION COMBO is Calle Olsson from the awesome indie band The Bear Quartet (and also Blissful/Paper/Fireside). We heard him play the piano and sing at Cosy Den in the summer, and it was so beautiful we agains drifted into happy and sad daydreams. However, with Calle, you never quite know what’s going to happen. Except it’s going to be ace!

AMANDA MAIR brings ideas of a what a young, Swedish Dusty Springfield produced by Kate Bush might have sounded like if she arrived today. With melodies lit by sunlight and a voice that goes straight to the heart this is nothing less than pure magic. She has just released the single Doubt on legendary Labrador Records, and this is only the start…

And then Mr Cosy Den himself, Mattias Jansson, will be DJing alongside us librarians! And there will be free cake. And lots and lots of smiles and dancing!

See you 11 November!
David, Roo and Silja LW and Mattias CD xx

TICKETS £7 advance here, £8 on the door - £7 with a valid library card!
Venue: Zigfrid von Underbelly, Friday 11 Nov 2011, from 7pm.

On Friday 21 October, we at Librarians Wanted will be launching our first clubnight. No bands, just us playing some of our favourite songs. On our launch night we will be joined by our great friends, the superb electropop duo Victoria and Jacob for a night of indiepop, breaks, beats and much fun and dancing! Hope to see you there!Roo, Silja and David xYou can join our club on Facebook for news of our upcoming gigs by clicking here

On Friday 21 October, we at Librarians Wanted will be launching our first clubnight. No bands, just us playing some of our favourite songs. On our launch night we will be joined by our great friends, the superb electropop duo Victoria and Jacob for a night of indiepop, breaks, beats and much fun and dancing! 

Hope to see you there!

Roo, Silja and David x

You can join our club on Facebook for news of our upcoming gigs by clicking here

Band times, LW presents Standard Fare, Let’s Whisper and Owl + Mouse 2 October!

So our Sunday gig at Zigfrid von Underbelly in Hoxton Square is coming up - and we are totally excited about the line-up. The tickets seem to be selling pretty fast, so go here to get some in advance! If not, bring your library card and get a £1 discount on the door!

We did say wrap up warm.. but in fact it feels like summertime at the moment.. 29 degrees? Bring your sunnies and your flipflops - come cool down in the basement of the Underbelly!

Here are the band times:

Doors 7.30
Owl + Mouse 8-8.30
Let’s Whisper 8.45-9.30
Standard Fare 9.45 onwards!

If you click ‘attending’ on Facebook and actually attend we’ll love you forever. (just about)


Owl + Mouse’s Jen and Hannah (+ Roo LW) as seen at the Moustache of Insanity album launch..