LW’s 2nd birthday, 14 Dec: Stars in Coma (SE), Lost Summer Kitten (SE), Electrophönvintage and The Choo Choo Trains


Librarians Wanted turns two years old this December - and what an incredible two years it’s been for us hosting our favourite bands!

Within those two years we’ve all grown up a little, we’re drinking a little less Jaeger, we are living in two different countries, (three if you count Cambridge as a country) but we are still three friends who love dancing and fistpumping to the music we adore.

(We’ve been slacking off on the cupcake baking lately though, we blame it on leaving that magical measuring cup beh
ind in Bethnal Green)

So come join us for our very special birthday celebrations at The Victoria, Mile End. It’s all for free of course, and we will provide the birthday hats too.

And our dear, dear friends Stars in Coma are joining us all the way from Sweden! It will be pretty spectacular judging on their first LW performance in May 2011 back at the Dogstar, and their recent Indiepopdays Berlin gig where they looked and sounded like superstars, no less.



When Stars in Coma played Librarians Wanted for the first time, in May 2011.

Stars in Coma have a special place in our hearts as Librarians Wanted met during their gig at Indietracks in 2010. And so Peacebloom and these people can be thanked for a lot of things in our lives, the club night and people we have gotten to know. It was our big aim to book them after that festival, and so we did a year and a half ago. Now they’re making a very welcome return and we hope you’ll be there to dance!


Roo LW tattooed Stars in Coma’s name (in marker pen) on his arm the last time they played…

Oh, and they are not the only indiepop darlings coming over from one of our favourite countries, oh no! We’ve got more!

Lost Summer Kitten, sweeter than Swedish apple pie with vanilla ice cream, will be sharing their beautiful melodies with us. We dare say they are better (looking, too) than First Aid Kit? Come listen and judge for yourself!

And then… Let’s not forget Electrophönvintage! This must be London’s indiepop supergroup, consisting of so many of our favourite musicians. its members have played LW in a variety of bands; Pocketbooks and The Sunny Street —- and Electrophönvintage…. as Remi played solo two songs at our last birthday. But now they are playing a whole set as a full band. (with or without a drummer - but we do like handclaps too!)

Oh, and we have one more treat for you… The Choo Choo Trains! These girls could be compared to other lovelies such as Haiku Salut and The Middle Ones, but they’ve got their own London swagger to it, if that word can be used about indiepop. We fell in love with their songs and hope they will play the one about Oslo, as 2 of 3 LWs have a connection to this awesome city.

And then there will be dancing, a bunch of lovely people, and it is all for FREE. Our birthday present for ourselves and you.

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday, everyone.

Rupert, David and Silja LWxx

(Facebook event here)

LW presents: Ghosts You Echo, One Man Destruction Show and Tender Objects *FREE* The Victoria E3, Sat 26th of May.


Hello everyone! We’re excited to be hosting three great bands this May! We’re at The Victoria, in-between Mile End station and Victoria park. Our last night there had a great atmosphere and was loads of fun, so we’re back again! It’s a charming pub and does great American Diner style food. So why not head straight there after work to get yourself a good seat and a burger before the bands start!

This time, we’re very excited to be able to present the following three brilliant acts for the night.

Ghosts You Echo are a London based 3 piece, that utilise an ensemble of sounds ranging from keyboard to violin.

'Taught, dark, percussive songs filtered through this one woman band’s unique musical vision. Her DIY approach, using vintage drum machines and battered guitars, is generating a lot of airplay. And with her stellar set at last year’s Emerging Proms Festival, the future is looking bright for Ghosts You Echo' Roundhouse.org.uk

One Man Destruction Show is Adam Harmer, a rock and roll playing one man band. He’s got all the percussion an act could ever need. 

'Within seconds of him starting, the curious crowd are grinning in disbelief at one man making such a wonderful racket'

Tender Objects are an Anglo-Swedish indiepop band, with jangling 12-string electric guitars and male-female vocals, whose debut release is a split CD EP on Dufflecoat Records.

'Tender Objects are the next big thing!'
Anorakcitypop podcast

FB event: http://www.facebook.com/events/327866670620659/
Last FM event: http://www.last.fm/event/3287981+Librarians+Wanted

Timings to follow shortly!

Rupert, David and Silja LWxx

The Blanche Hudson Weekend, Horowitz and The Fireworks + DJs Spiral Scratch, Friday 30 March.


Pretty girls, pretty boys have you ever heard your mummy scream, noise annoys!!!

We sure have - Big Pink Cake and Librarians Wanted are very very excited about presenting a noisy noisy noisy time with THE BLANCHE HUDSON WEEKEND - rising from the ashes of The Manhattan Love Suicides, charming us with their sonic sound scapes and hypnotic pop… gorgeousness, immediacy and noise straight to the heart. 

HOROWITZ - Fuzz, fuzz and more fuzz brilliance from tools you can trust, honest to goodness stuff, our indie pop hard core heroes! 

THE FIREWORKS - Snap, crackle… P!O!P!, noise, noise and then ooh its gone all quiet… then ouch… me earholes… eeeeee!!!

PLUS PLUS PLUS those amazing we can’t wait to go berserk on the dancefloor SPIRAL SCRATCH DJs… YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!! indie pop sugary sweetness. Free cakes provided…sugar rush indie POP party people… losing IT!!!! £5 on door or wegottickets!

LW presents Standard Fare, Let’s Whisper and Owl + Mouse Sunday 2nd of October at Zigfrid von Underbelly!

Librarians Wanted are so, so happy to present three absolutely fantastic bands on Sunday 2 October.

No need for hot chocolate and an evening in to sulk about a summer and romances gone, run through the pile of yellow leaves in Hoxton Square and get yourself to the Underbelly for an evening of heartwarming, soul-filling indiepop.

Standard Fare, Let’s Whisper and Owl + Mouse = Happiness!

Ever since we saw Standard Fare at Allo Darlin’s album launch in 2010 we’ve been hooked; we’ve been dancing like mad to them at Indietracks and various other gigs and discos. Those LOUD boy-girl harmonies really really work for us!

Let’s Whisper = Vermont’s own Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan - also known from the fantastic band The Smittens, and Let’s Whisper is just as cute and charming and wonderful and makes us smile and our hearts beat fast, fast, fast.

The evening begins with the lovely Owl + Mouse's magical ukulele pop. Hannah Botting's melancholic but uplifting voice makes you want to go swimming in Australia with Jens Lekman and never return to reality.

And did we mention there is free cake? We’ll also be DJing inbetween the bands, and until it’s bedtime before a Monday hopefully less grey than usual.

You may wrap up warm in a bright red scarf and bobble hat on your way to the venue, but when you leave the gig you will feel like it’s still summer even on this cold October night!

Tickets: £7, £6 advance/£6 with a library card. 

FB event here.

Looking forward to more fistpumping and cake eating with you, listening to these fantastic bands!

Roo, David and Silja LW xx

Memories from LW5, 18 June @ The Dogstar

Looking back at the June Librarians Wanted it was just such a great night… kickstarting with King of Cats lying down on the floor amongst the audience playing the uke and singing with a voice not far from Daniel Johnston. Max King of Cats has got that great personality in addition to the musical talents!

Then played Lost and Found, which are Matt and Jen from A Fine Day For Sailing - with such incredibly touching melodies and lyrics the audience did choke up. Yes, life really should have an instruction book!

And then it was Pinkie (Alex Sharkey of Fosca and Brighter), performing his first ever solo show, the beauty of it really did make us drift into daydreams of lost loves and melancholy, and hope - it’s difficult to describe the feeling we had when he played, but it was great to be there. We were incredibly humbled to have such a legend playing on the Dogstar stage, and we are hoping he’ll come back one day.

The audience were quite literally blown away by T.O.Y.S’ set. Never have the bass and the drums been played to the max at an LW before.. but the louder, the better, a truly rockin’ performance - and it’s safe to say these guys will be big. Or at least they should be, so do buy their EP that’s out now on Dufflecoat Records. Could this be the new Joy Division?

And the evening ended with the ever-charming This Many Boyfriends, who’s able to frown when they play? Just couldn’t stop smiling - and the songs are great too. We’ve loved them for quite a while now, having seen them first at a HDIF Presents. The band has got a few new members, but are still great!


We munched cupcakes, danced and laughed, and are ready for the next LW instalment on 16 July! (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=216073641751174) - more details to be listed in the next blog. 

Roo, David and Silja LW x

Full photo album from the night to be found here: